Thursday, May 8, 2008

Wasted and Complacent and you're about the same...

it's almost 3am, and these last two days have been fucking BRUTAL...

(I actually do clean up)
after enjoying a fabulous internet party Wednesday night with too many cocktails and not enough sleep...I woke up at the ass crack of dawn of 5:30am to drag my ass down to Mt Hood. Actually, more like my friend dragged me, as he is visiting from L.A. and had a hankering to board. Seriously?! It's May bitches...and it's not like I live in a fruity fucking climate that warrents snow year round, I'M IN SEATTLE!!! I looked for ways out, really I did...but fuck all if my whinny little bitching did nothing for me... but in the end relented and I'm glad.

(So high up, we were above the cloud line)

(Mt Hood) (Camera phone...steeeeriiiiike!!!)

I keep thinking I'm done with the snow, and some reason comes along for me to, yet again, get another day in(I'm pretty sure this IS the LAST time for this season). I'm ready to hang out on a deck, drink some beers and blind the surrounding locals with my white legs.

After a hefty 3.5hr drive, we arrived to blue bird skies, soft slushy snow and yes, we rode until our legs couldn't hold us anymore. The mountain was pretty dead, which was nice, but the best part was Magical Mile was open; that shit never seems to be open when I'm there. Granted, that mutha was icy first thing, but it embraced the sun and softened as the hours sailed on. I'm hoping that one of these days, when I'm up on Hood, that that run, will be open when there's actually some fresh pow. I still carved the fuck out of it though...

In preparation for the impending night, I started off with Minus the Bear, which is, of course, my all time favorite band to snowboard to.

Then I switched it up a bit with a little LCD Soundsystem, which I rocked out to on the chairlift and actually boogie woogied too while riding down the slopes(imagine a drunk white dude, hopped up on pop rocks and 80's music).

Towards the end of the day, I was getting pretty fucking whipped, so I decided to go balls out with the rest of my energy and played some Static-X.

Bad idea, that shit made me a little careless, thus resulting in a couple of wipe outs and an idea to haul ass down the mountain...straight.

Really though, I'm done, bring on the summer and let me get outdoors to some hiking, camping and beers.

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