Friday, October 24, 2008

So snow season is upon here in the chilly Northwest, and with winter’s frigid fingers tap tap tapping on our back door, comes the onslaught of Action Snow Films. One that has had much hype is Travis Rice’s epic “That’s it, That’s All”. With an over $2mill price tag, the info that they used the uber pricey steady cameras that were used for Lord of the Rings and the teasers that were released months before the movie dates were set…it stood to reason that this film would be the Ace of all Aces.

I’ve been known to slack…a lot, and my procrastination on getting tickets for this film, bit me in the ass. The day of, I was left with nothing but shops informing me that it had been sold out, and that I was a jack ass for waiting so long. Fuck all. Thankfully a buddy of mine is a buyer for a local store and pulled a miracle; cause as I told him, his popularity would get tickets into the event before my tits would; and I was right. He got the last two LibTech reps’ tickets. And it only cost me a coffee, a vodka redbull and standing in a very crowded theater.

Here’s my simple take on the movie:
Chills. It could’ve been Serengeti hot up in that bitch; with me sweating gallons of my precious fluids and I still would’ve gotten chills from this movie.

When asked by the LibTech Rep(sponsor) of what I thought of the film I answered with a tally of times I said the following:
Oh wow=9
Utterly AMAZING=3

I think hair actually rose on my neck when I saw Jeremy Jones drop down, what seemed to be a completely vertical, mountain peak in Valdez Alaska. He was booking, one fuck up and he would be toast. Utterly amazing (that makes 4)

Of all the snow movies I’ve seen, this one by far is the most epic. I don’t think anyone else is going to touch it unless they’ve got one killer budget. Even then, can you top Rice’s flawless stunts or Jones’ high speed vertical runs?

I think its pointless for me to try and attempt the names of the stunts they were pulling, 1090 this, triple axle with a groin twist that…just know that it was a lot of sick shit being pulled off; it was matched with a pretty spectacular soundtrack and the visuals were phenomenal. Buy the movie, just do it, it’s great and sure to amp you for the upcoming season for attempting to emulate the pros and prolly breaking yourself in the process.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

ahhhh the lazy life

Where have you been? I’ve been fighting the good fight in a galaxy far far away along side other Jedi Masters….ok, so I’ve been, a straight up now tell me, asshole for not writing in two months; but ya know, work and stress and life and blah blah blah, shut the fuck up Mel. Yeah, I know, lame; but honest and for-truly, I’ve got like 4 entries I’m preparing dear readers…all 3 of you.

So while I search the words to paint a visual picture of the following bands: Cold War Kids, We Are Scientists, Kings of Leon and NKOTB-that’s right-NEW KIDS ON THE MUTHA FUCKIN BLOCK BEYOTCHES-DON’T TRIP; I thought I would wax a bit on my history with music and why exactly it moves me the way it does.

So a long long time ago…in the early 80’s I was knee high to me da’s knee; and when I wasn’t grabbing his beers for sips, I was either signing along to he and his buddies ‘jamming’ or somewhere very near by listening. They played covers, mostly I believe, and I say this because I don’t rightfully recall them playing original music. At any rate, due to the cover-nisity (fuck yes, I make up words like forshizzle) of it all, I became quite fond of the classics like: The Beatles, Zep, Mac, Fucking Eagles, and many many others.

I was such a ham that I would dig into those plastic little saucers called, say it with me history class- “albums”, and play things like Pointer Sisters and B52s while dancing around pretending I was either a soulful afro’d black woman or a red headed maven with a bee hive; and yes, I would “perform” for audiences of furniture or Bryer horses when my parents had no time for me.

I use to know how to read music; built chops to play clarinet…John Lennon’s “Imagine” was my first song learned on the piano…so too was Beatles learnt on the guitar. But fuck all if I don’t remember how to do any of that shit now.

At any rate, growing up in a house where the men; pops and bro, would play guitar and me and moms would hum along, gave me an appreciation for the craft. I associate, as most do, music with moods, moments, feelings and situations; thus the stuff moves me, saddens me, lifts me up, or helps me be bitter road ragger on the highways of So Cal.

so just a little tid bit of myself and my history...a real tiny tid bit, because this well runs deep-so deep it'll put your butt to sleep

Gotta love the 80's or 70's, who know. rad Pampers though
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