Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Nightmares are made of these...

In my nightmare, people are trying to kill me; and as I’m slashing and shooting away my waves of attackers with precision; my looped soundtrack of Marilyn Manson’s “We are the Nobodies” gives me rhythm

I need some sleep

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Minus the Bear, my heart yearns for the Absinthe Party

So this is just me bitching right now...

I missed their last show in Seattle, due to that little obligation called: work. Yes, that festering sore of a thing that produces that green paper we all need to survive.

Being that I’m new to this new beautiful and bountiful world of Seattle music scene, I’ve just recently within the past two years been introduced to this band. My feelings on them, in short; they make me happy and give me this bouncy feeling as I’m driving and enjoy my Washington surroundings… Plus they’re a great band to float on the snow to.

So boys, why are you not coming to Seattle this time around on your spring tour? I was deprived last time, cut me some slack. Please? Are you really going to reduce me to flying down to San Francisco to see your asses?! CAUSE I’LL DO IT! Don’t threaten me with a good time.

I will write more on them again, when I finally do pop my Minus cherry

Currently listening to: highly Refined Pirates-my anthem “Get Me naked 2-Electric Boogaloo

Sublime...somewhere in that confused time called 1995

Waxing the old school…I remember when I saw Sublime, at that old punk venue in San Bernardino off of G Street; I think it was an old animal auction house. I’ve heard people say they were horrible live because they were always so fucked up they couldn’t finish songs cohesively. Being that I was probably around 17 at the time when I saw them, I can’t fully relate on their shittiness. I thought they were rad; like, totally tubular, but then again, I might have been drunk on Boone’s Farm and feeding off the energy of the surrounding wasted retards. And although what I remember most of that show, was watching my ex-friend bleed out from her nose injury from a rouge crowd surfing foot -- I’d have to say, I had a pretty fabu teenage time and got to see the So Cal anthem band, as a whole unit.

I think I'll go blow the dust off my old 40oz to Freedom
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