Monday, January 3, 2011

Thanksgiving and Christmas

The last part of 2010 was filled with much...much, fucking driving, to Riverside, Tahoe, Reno, Portland and Seattle.
only slightly late with holiday photos. my bad

(my dad rocks it on guitar)
I've come across a lovely man. Whilst discussing the presents exchange process for our young courtship, we had the following conversation:
me: so when should we try to celebrate Christmas?
him: On the way to Seattle?On the way back?
me: dunno, asking you sir (translation: I don't wanna make decisions-stomps foot)
him: How about at a rest stop picnic table on the way there? For some reason I like the sound of that.
me: get the fuck outta my head. seriously
him Really? You were thinking that?
me: yes, i was thinking that. with some picnic... totally. thinking. that... out in nature, totally intimate freaky
him I like it.
me: me too
him: Done and done.

I use to think I couldn't have that kind of mental freaky connection again. Hope it stays that way for awhile and it's not a fluke
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