Wednesday, June 8, 2011

NYC trip, and so much more, Busy Bee is me!

I had been avoiding a trip, much to the grumbles of my dude, to NYC for a couple of reasons-well, mostly one: too fucking expensive. The other was less of a reason, and more the fact that I never wanted to visit; it just never appealed to me. So after the first attempt to get me to go failed, the dude made a second sweeter attempt that any fool would say 'no' to, eu hated said city: "I will treat you." Well fucking-a shit howdy, OK!

We chose to bike as our main form of transportation
All in all, I'd have to say it was a pretty okie dokie city that didn't rattle the nerves too much. I prefer the main mode of bicycle for travel, but I did try the subway system, twice, to no avail. The first time was en route to the Met to see the Alexander McQueen show-incredible, just go-and managed to get lost, to only traverse 20 blocks in high heels to get there. Ouch.ven if yo

Aside from the highlight of McQueen, I didn't do anything too remarkable, mostly did a lot of bike rides, checked out curiosities shops, and bought $9 chocolate bars from Mast Bros(yes, $9 fucking dollars). I overall enjoyed the city, only really getting completely stressed out once, due to riding on Canal St to get to the Spin Magazine offices. I enjoyed the more low key side of Brooklyn, favoring a couple of the subdivision neighborhoods. Times Square was insanity, the library in Manhattan was glorious, Evolution is a store I could blow lots of money on, and I saw Bryant Park-fashion squeal!

July was just...INSANE. With heading home to organize my parent's 40th anniversary party, helping special man friend's(SMF) mom clean and pack her house, HLP(hetero life partner) Andrea's visit and her two burlesque performances, making a brooch bouquet, two portraits, and a hair veil piece for my friend Trish's wedding in Seattle, travel to Seattle for said wedding, and back again. I'm fucking beat and very much looking forward to not traveling for a bit, and focusing on some much needed self creative time. I will be running an Etsy shop for SMF's mum's stuff that I pilfered; proceeds go to her new house, and it was seriously an insane treasure hunt with some of the shit I found(Check back, as I will be listing stuff very soon). I will also be working on my other Etsy store, with uploading jewelry, and other hand made shit.

oh and this happened:

yep... putting my feet up for a bit
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