Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Random rant...Christmas Eve

Tis colder than a witches’ tit here in Seattle…yeah, I’m not sure what that really means either. Are witches prone to being chilly because one assumes they’re godless heathens? Is it because their houses are made from candy of which I’m pretty sure, that shit doesn’t provide proper insulation. Or perhaps it’s because they like to frolic about naked and have lots and lots of sex and drink themselves silly…or so I’ve read in the history book, but I’m sure things get lost in translation…

Where was I? Oh yes, its fucking cold here and we’ve been getting pounded with snow in the city. Lucky me, my wagon is stuck under a healthy amount of snow and I have been banished to the busing system, yet again. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m dying to drive with the rest of the witless wonders of this city, but a 3 hour commute to work is a bit much. A little bit of snow and this city shuts up quicker than a virginal teenage book nerd clamping her knees together at a high school party. Prude.
(wagon is under there somewhere)

With long travels, comes my little retreat into my tiny haven of music being pumped through itsy speakers to my awaiting core …Lately, my iPod has been favoring Devothcka and its been getting me amped for the up coming NYE show. This morning thank god for the loud tuba, horns, violins and strong Latin guitar, because it mostly drowned out that of a demonic little bastard being, literally, dragged by his mother onto the bus. This little shit refused to walk and was screaming at the top of his lungs like he was being beat with barbed razor wire. She tried to sit him down and he refused to sit, of course, and thus pulled a perfect summersault over the side of the seat, worthy of Special Olympics gold medal, and landed squarely on his head. I laughed. Hard. She eventually took him to the back of the bus where he continued to wail, but I was sweetly involved with Devotckha and mentally figuring out how I’m going to dress up like a saucy wench for my big night out with friends. Woot.

Perfectly pointless entry, but I mostly wanted to remark on the spawn doing a flip onto his head. I’m still laughing; yes, I’m evil.
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