Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sketch Tuesday-Revenge of the art

Last night I fulfilled the age old prophecy of ‘Mel, The Stupid, inflicts pain through needle to septum”. Apparently, I am allergic to growing up and feel I must do adolescent things to my body. Along with the refusal to accept aging, I also acted the youthful fool by deciding to throw away perfectly good money on too many beers, instead of depositing it into my retirement home fund; so far $100 is not going to get me more than a weeks worth of geriatric dinners.

I will not, however, apologize to myself, my wallet or my liver for scoring some more great art at Sketch Tuesday. Jay Howell, Jason Vivona and a Christopher Kardambikis comedic doodle.

Jason Vivona

Jay Howell

Christopher Kardambikis

(an assassin who prefers a very tiny bow and arrow)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cleaning out the phone

just a few collected shots from my phone

(I love the symbolism of my bike under the map)

What would I do without all these wonderful iPhone apps that make me look like a cool photographer?! The tagging is from toilet view of a dive in my neighborhood. The "stop here" shot was at work and a customer had dropped a diaper. I didn't move it, that's where it was when I saw it. Didn't check if it was used.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fecal Face 10 year anniversary

I'm not quite sure when I became acquainted with Fecal Face but I do know it was before I moved to Seattle. How I came to know it? I'm not sure of that either; possibly through HiFructose mag or Juxtapoz. I just remember reading the website on a regular basis and thinking to myself "by golly, they throw some good shows".

Last Friday marked their party, the shit-show of who's who and lookers alike, that entailed their 10 year anniversary at the Luggage Store. I would be damned if I missed this and thus conned my friend into going with me, even though we both get angsty in big sweaty crowds. And speaking of sweaty, I had it running in ample amounts down my back and forehead, tre zexy. I think my tweet (yes, I'm a nerd) said it all: @fecalface 10 anniversary party is to crowded. As 500lbs women wrestling in 6ft room is to humid. All butt crack perspiration aside, it was an amazing turn out with amazing art, great people watching and the wine was flowing.

(And this was only 45mins in)

To the lovely husband and wife duo of Fecal Face: Thank you. You have introduced me to some amazing artists and I have learned much. Keep up the fantastic work


(this was an epic large piece by MARS-1)
(this is probably as close as I'll ever get to owning a Sylvia Ji piece)

(I believe this is Andrew and Ert's reaction to that MARS-1 piece)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Trying to get creative

Sometimes, it’s hard for an intimidating, introverted, tall gal to make friends. Maybe there’s a sort of look I give that gives an air of “my teeth are really made of razor sharp Xacto's-I EAT YOU!” rawr. Any who, it’s been about 6 months in my new place and I think I’m progressing well on that social merry go round we call SF interaction traction, what’s your malfunction.

A new buddy of mine has decided to hold an ‘art night’ as his house; hopefully monthly. Basically we all sit around and create, the idea that being in the presence of creatives will get your creative juices flowing-to paper, not down your leg-in a Megalasarous sized creativity creative Creation nation, jam-fest. This first session found four tattoo artists dudes and me: a non tattooer, non dude, would-be artist gal.

It was a fun beer filled evening, chock full of paints, jokes, munchies and an oddly uncomfortable moment where a random older British man disrobed to show us his body suit. Not that the disrobing part was that uncomfortable, but more so the fact that he sat there and talked to us for a good 20mins with his pants around his ankles. It's hard to keep eye contact-or a straight face-when your oculars have been accosted by what appears to be a pair of manties filled with low lying golf balls.
(wow, she's got some weird thing coming from her crotchal region)

Oh dear lord, saggy balls from over the pond!
I ended up sketching out a young Queen Mum as a festering rotting zombie with a Union Jack flag and some Thistle in the back ground. Perhaps it was inspiration from the exhibitionist Brit fellow that made me think of the Queen festering with sagging rotting skin... No pic yet, will post it when I've completed it.
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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Did you know?

My stomach still does somersaults when I see your picture
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