Wednesday, May 26, 2010

James + Evander 5/25

(dude, you know these guys are cool, even Chewy did his hair for their gig)

Nothing says fun like an electronic musical event that Star Wars threw up on. Never mind that the paraphernalia is owned by two young 20something fans that were not yet the pre-sperm sparkle in their father’s eye when these movies came out. But love sees no age, as I find myself saying over and over again when I’m lovingly referred to as Chester by my friend. That tidbit is neither here nor there though. I was introduced to the computer generated mix-masturbater duo James + Evander about a month ago with their "This isn't the beginning of anything" release. It was love at first note to my lobes. Electronic, is probably not what they would call themselves(as they play instruments on their albums as well) and I’m no expert on musical labels, but that’s the word I’m using. Their songs have nary a lyric, party remixes excluded, with maybe a few vocal note accents to a song or two here and there( for example)

Now, when I think DJ, I think dusty vinyl coupled with names like Shadow and Cut Chemist (which, thoroughly impressed me and created a new found respect for record slingers). When I see a DJ coupled with a MAC notebook, I instantly think button pusher, as in Homer J Simpson, as in pushing the buttons on the reactor so Springfield doesn’t blow up in a mushroom cloud, as in LOST every 108 minutes. Now, don’t get me wrong, do you see my ass composing any sort of musical finery of any sort? Fuck no. So I’m not saying these modern day laptop Mozart’s are any less creative or talented... even if said DJ does strategically push a button while he strategically fixes his hair and then strategically messes it up again(stratego style).

(push the button, you must)

At any rate, I got a chance to check out a J+E show last night. But unfortunately to the disappointment of their fans, the show was cut short, as it was in an art gallery that had limited hours and there were two openers that, in my opinion, played far too long. The openers were ok, the second, being rather repetitive with his beats, thus leaving me highly antsy for his set to end and to hunt down my next beer to get a break. I lacked hope for excitement or entertainment from the main duo by the time they started but a metaphoric slap to my face for thinking such preposterous asshole ideas is what I got. The openers really did pale in comparison to the quality that this dynamic duo produces, even with a set list cut tragically short.


So whether its computer or dusty vinyl, music is the end result and fuck all if these kids don’t make me subsequently happy, abolishing any dour mood when I listen to the stuff they produce. They don’t carry themselves with the boring tempo and the annoyance of over repetition but rather mix with complexity and fun.“This isn’t the beginning” has song after song of up swinging beats that just lift the spirits; building your momentum the way some of the songs build towards an ending before breaking down again. I am eager for more to feed my fix and am looking forward to what they come up with next

Sunday, May 9, 2010

"Wasted time heals all wounds"

Was something someone once said...

I find myself currently disagreeing with that statement, as I seem to be opening old wounds with a sadistic slow ripping off of the metaphoric band-aid, with my wasted time. Delving into the mental archives of things once cherished, once held so high with a heart swelling force that knocked me for loop...

I blame the wine

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

More in passing

shitty picture but amazing view at the top of a hill in Noe area

excellent creepy bunny graffiti in the girl's shitter at the Attic

Sunday, May 2, 2010

"Art. This word has no definition"

Beautiful Blue Bird skies were abundant in the Bay this weekend. I’m kind of lucky in the sense that I live in the East Bay, Oakland and work in San Francisco, I get the best of both worlds and like many who live here, I commute. The Oakland museum of Art California just reopened their doors after a major remodel, so I decided to make the most of a leisurely Sunday, slather 45spf on my pasty skin, hop on the two wheel whip and fill my day up with art.

Art has been in my heart since I was a wee young pup to me da’s knee. I use to play with his color wheel very early on and wonder at all of his oil paints, brushes, art books and his own personal pieces. LACMA is probably one of my favorites with an extensive gallery of historical pieces; many an hour have been spent lost in the beauty of the renaissance masters…

Oakland’s layout is interesting, open and layered. Since this was the opening weekend, it was crowded and I tend to get tense in crowds…so unfortunately for me, I felt like I missed a lot. The fine art wing is great, I just wish there was more of it. I didn’t get to explore the outdoor grounds, as there was a large event tent set up, but I will gladly come back when the excitement has calmed a bit and take more time to absorb and sit outside and enjoy the views of Lake Merritt.

(apparently there's a huge problem with licking)

(detail of intricate lacework on a painting)

(These signs are near the Mexico border)

A quick hop over-or rather, under the water-I went to SFMOMA. Granted, I’m not a big lover of most modern art, as the asshole shit talker in me finds that throwing stuff at a canvas doesn’t seem too skilled. But the beauty of art is it’s all in the eye of the beholder. This museum though, is beautiful in it’s architecture and layout. It has a natural flow to each floor that naturally progresses you upward. It’s spacious and I was able to fully enjoy some of the pieces in serenity.

(the ceiling reminds me of being in the belly of the whale)

(not sure what this is but a Burton nightmare seems fitting)

(being on the top floor and being able to see down to the bottom is a bit disorientating)

(I actually like the simplicity of this bunny)

It was a good inspirational day, as one of my favorite pastimes is solitude in a museum. I will have to check out the De Young Fine Arts Museum next, as that is more up my alley…

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