Sunday, May 2, 2010

"Art. This word has no definition"

Beautiful Blue Bird skies were abundant in the Bay this weekend. I’m kind of lucky in the sense that I live in the East Bay, Oakland and work in San Francisco, I get the best of both worlds and like many who live here, I commute. The Oakland museum of Art California just reopened their doors after a major remodel, so I decided to make the most of a leisurely Sunday, slather 45spf on my pasty skin, hop on the two wheel whip and fill my day up with art.

Art has been in my heart since I was a wee young pup to me da’s knee. I use to play with his color wheel very early on and wonder at all of his oil paints, brushes, art books and his own personal pieces. LACMA is probably one of my favorites with an extensive gallery of historical pieces; many an hour have been spent lost in the beauty of the renaissance masters…

Oakland’s layout is interesting, open and layered. Since this was the opening weekend, it was crowded and I tend to get tense in crowds…so unfortunately for me, I felt like I missed a lot. The fine art wing is great, I just wish there was more of it. I didn’t get to explore the outdoor grounds, as there was a large event tent set up, but I will gladly come back when the excitement has calmed a bit and take more time to absorb and sit outside and enjoy the views of Lake Merritt.

(apparently there's a huge problem with licking)

(detail of intricate lacework on a painting)

(These signs are near the Mexico border)

A quick hop over-or rather, under the water-I went to SFMOMA. Granted, I’m not a big lover of most modern art, as the asshole shit talker in me finds that throwing stuff at a canvas doesn’t seem too skilled. But the beauty of art is it’s all in the eye of the beholder. This museum though, is beautiful in it’s architecture and layout. It has a natural flow to each floor that naturally progresses you upward. It’s spacious and I was able to fully enjoy some of the pieces in serenity.

(the ceiling reminds me of being in the belly of the whale)

(not sure what this is but a Burton nightmare seems fitting)

(being on the top floor and being able to see down to the bottom is a bit disorientating)

(I actually like the simplicity of this bunny)

It was a good inspirational day, as one of my favorite pastimes is solitude in a museum. I will have to check out the De Young Fine Arts Museum next, as that is more up my alley…

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