Monday, April 22, 2013

How to Destroy Angels, the Rengency, 4/18/13

I am so behind the social music media haps, it’s ridiculous. For starters, I didn’t realize NIN’s front man Trent Reznor was married, let alone a father. Whilst visiting my long time bestie for a relaxing weekend of wine, big ass burritos, and five hours of the Rachel Zoe Project, I found myself in bed at 10pm on a Friday night. Who knew at 35 we’d hit an old person wall, thusly leaving our crazy drinking adventures, long nights of jumping on our beds in horrible laundry day panties, and bad Can’t Buy Me Love dancing on club stages behind us. So unable to sleep, I trolled my Facebook feed and came across a BuzzFeed ‘then and now, Hot 90’s band dudes’ or some such bullshit. So that long rant brings me to the discovery of Reznor’s nuptials and fatherhood of two boys. Buzzfeed had him labeled as a DILF #2(#1 being Gavin Rossdale). Ok, I never found Mr. Reznor tre zesty but I must admit, homeslice has aged and bulked up well, much like a good Irish Chedda. So far behind the times, am I, that I didn’t realize NIN had something like, 82 LP releases after ‘The Fragile’. Oh, how my dusty Industrial Goth boots scold me from their dark resting place in my closet.

So I did a little research about the Mrs. Reznor in question. I must admit, much like a childish jealous ex, I didn’t think much of her and may have even let it slip that “I bet she has no talent and is probably riding on his coat tails of success and love”. I have since found more pictures of her, seen her musical skills, and have been introduced to their side projects “How to Destroy Angels”. Let me issue a formal apology that I know she won’t read or give two shits about.  “Mariqueen Maandig, I am very sorry”. I should have known better that Reznor would not fornicate with someone who was not his creative intelligent equal. She’s actually quite a beauty with a great soft voice and musical talent.

Why am I bringing this all up? Because the husband procured tickets to their Regency Ballroom SF show. I reluctantly accepted, being that it was on a Thursday night and I light to apparently be in bed by 10pm. I use to love shows, LURVE them, swear. So I sucked it up, donned my best industrial Goth outfit (which isn’t much these days, sad to say) and headed out for the evening.

If you’re familiar with How to Destroy Angels and love their music but have yet to see them live, well, you’re in for a treat. They basically sound just as good as they do on their recordings. Like, spot on. The sound was stellar and the music to vocal ratio was balanced. You didn’t have to struggle to hear her sing and the music was not overpowering. However, since I am midway to 40 I am sad to say that if you value your hearing like me, wear earplugs. True to Trent Reznor’s mind fuck stage visual wizardry (not that I would know because I have yet to see NIN), this show was an orgasm for the oculars. I imagine someone of shrooms or some such other type of gig would have been on a great high. Even though Maandig is the clearly the front woman of the group, Reznor still got mad cheers whenever he did any back up vocals. Otherwise, he stayed very much in the background.

return of the crappy cell phone shot
I hate to admit that half way through their set I got a bit clusterfuckbit, or claustrophobic, from the heat and the pot cloud hanging around the crowds. Thankfully though, for my old ass and un-thankfully to the younger hipper fans, they only played a little over an hour; which probably equated to their entire Welcome Oblivion album release. Where has my youth gone? So sad.

I like Reznor’s side project-collab with his wifey; it makes for good art making music for me. But I must say it is reminiscent of the softer side of NIN’s music. If you’re a fan of harder bands gone sleepy time like Team Sleep, ala Deftones and Perfect Circle, ala Tool, than this is the perfect sleepy time NIN for you. Added bonus, female singer with a sweet voice.

Mrs Reznor
Since the show, I’ve pretty much had Oblivion on loop and I’ve even gotten reacquainted with my old darker self and have been revisiting my NIN relationship. I recommend seeing How to Destroy Angels and if you’re lucky enough to score tickets, NIN as well. I have yet to see NIN myself, but it would appear I will get to do so at Outside Lands.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Moving on? Maybe for a quick tick

Crazy things happen in the world of Mel. You meet a boy who puts up with your brand of crazy, you fall in love, and you get engaged. Next thing you know, you’re planning a 5 month escape of America for the historical pastures of Europe, on bike. You pack up your shit, put in a notice at your job and now count down the days. You should join this world, it’s a happy one.

This blog was only ever the narcissistic ramblings of my own mental diarrhea, with the narcissistic belief that people would care, and enjoy. Alas, it was fun, but I will be vacating it for awhile to focus on my art one, and to hopefully be more militant about the one we’re doing for our bike tour. Fuck, it’s not like I really wrote much in this thing anyway.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

NYC trip, and so much more, Busy Bee is me!

I had been avoiding a trip, much to the grumbles of my dude, to NYC for a couple of reasons-well, mostly one: too fucking expensive. The other was less of a reason, and more the fact that I never wanted to visit; it just never appealed to me. So after the first attempt to get me to go failed, the dude made a second sweeter attempt that any fool would say 'no' to, eu hated said city: "I will treat you." Well fucking-a shit howdy, OK!

We chose to bike as our main form of transportation
All in all, I'd have to say it was a pretty okie dokie city that didn't rattle the nerves too much. I prefer the main mode of bicycle for travel, but I did try the subway system, twice, to no avail. The first time was en route to the Met to see the Alexander McQueen show-incredible, just go-and managed to get lost, to only traverse 20 blocks in high heels to get there. Ouch.ven if yo

Aside from the highlight of McQueen, I didn't do anything too remarkable, mostly did a lot of bike rides, checked out curiosities shops, and bought $9 chocolate bars from Mast Bros(yes, $9 fucking dollars). I overall enjoyed the city, only really getting completely stressed out once, due to riding on Canal St to get to the Spin Magazine offices. I enjoyed the more low key side of Brooklyn, favoring a couple of the subdivision neighborhoods. Times Square was insanity, the library in Manhattan was glorious, Evolution is a store I could blow lots of money on, and I saw Bryant Park-fashion squeal!

July was just...INSANE. With heading home to organize my parent's 40th anniversary party, helping special man friend's(SMF) mom clean and pack her house, HLP(hetero life partner) Andrea's visit and her two burlesque performances, making a brooch bouquet, two portraits, and a hair veil piece for my friend Trish's wedding in Seattle, travel to Seattle for said wedding, and back again. I'm fucking beat and very much looking forward to not traveling for a bit, and focusing on some much needed self creative time. I will be running an Etsy shop for SMF's mum's stuff that I pilfered; proceeds go to her new house, and it was seriously an insane treasure hunt with some of the shit I found(Check back, as I will be listing stuff very soon). I will also be working on my other Etsy store, with uploading jewelry, and other hand made shit.

oh and this happened:

yep... putting my feet up for a bit

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Can't sleep, thugs will eat me

Help me out here Oakland, because I like you, I do. When people poo poo you, I defend you, I do. You've got a lot of great aspects, neighborhoods and such. True true, there are some bad parts of town, but what city doesn't have bad parts? And why should these bad parts give the whole city a bad rap? Every city has their violence and gangs, even the corn-feed variety. I've seen it in Seattle, LA, Riverside, Portland and San Francisco. It really happens everywhere, and I refuse to hide from the world, locking myself up in a Howard Huges proportion, where I lock every door behind me and double check them constantly.

Tonight on my very wet bike ride home from MacArthur Bart, I got harassed. Now, shit happens and I was surprisingly not scared but I did become angry. Here's my story:

My route home finds me on major streets and minor residential side streets; a relatively quick ride in under 10minutes. I've been here almost a year and I have not had problems; and I've ridden in far socially deemed, worse area's than my usual route. I'm coming down a fairly busy street approaching a four way stop. I slow down into the left turn lane, waiting to give a truck the straight right of way. As I proceed to turn left, on my turn, the car behind said truck, a mid to early 80's faded red and rusty Toyota, begins to lurch through the stop sign and the driver yells "get the fuck out of the road or I'll hit you", and aims his car towards me. To which I respond with a patented Mel glare and keep going onto a now quiet side street. I now hear him coming up behind me and I begin to assess my surroundings and gear up for a possible vehicle impact into the parked cars beside me or from behind; basically, assuming the worse scenario of retaliation. This street has massive speed bumps and when I fly over, he must slow down to do so. By the second speed bump, he's now pulled up next to me, is keeping pace, and says "sorry to yell at you. Just cruising for a bruisin'"; I shit you not, that's what he said to me. I respond by looking over and again assess my situation and now fully look three mid 20's males looking back at me, give a look and keep pedaling. They continue to say stuff to me, but their tone has changed and they're asking where I'm going. I make a quick right onto a side street, they go straight, I pull next to a parked car and wait for them to pass by on a street I need to access. As they pass, I attempt to catch up to them to grab a license plate number and make a report but unfortunately my glasses are covered in water, as it's raining pretty good. The last I saw of them before my turn, was them pulled up next to a homeless man with a cart. Instead of pressing my luck, I continued home with no further issues.

Do I think it was racially charged? Actually, no. Do I think it was because I was on my bike and they had to wait for me to get out of there way? I think that feels more likely. I was basically at the wrong place at the wrong time and these kids felt like getting out some pent up aggression on some poor schmuck on a bike in the rain.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Things to do

in no particular order

-Flea Market at Candlestick(done)/Alameda
-Beach Chalet brunch
-Pac Heights ghost tour
-Legion of Honor
-Mt Diablo hike
-Matos Cheese
-Horseback riding (Point Reyes)
-Europe: Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Munich, Finland
-Colma graveyards
-Santa Cruz
-Palo Alto/Stanford
-Nevada City weekend trip
-Redwood National Forest
-New York
-New Zealand
-Sand Mountain
-Huntington Library
-Virginia City(done)
-Mt Rose hike
-Hut on the water in Bora Bora
-Dunton Hot Springs
-Fort Ross
- Jejune institute
- Shanghai SF walking tour
- Castle Crags
- Yosemite
- Bike ride/camping trip up coast

Pretty extensive list...Europe is happening in the fall. I may or may not come back; depends on how much the Republicans continue to fuck up this country in the next couple of months...just sayin

Monday, January 3, 2011

Thanksgiving and Christmas

The last part of 2010 was filled with much...much, fucking driving, to Riverside, Tahoe, Reno, Portland and Seattle.
only slightly late with holiday photos. my bad

(my dad rocks it on guitar)
I've come across a lovely man. Whilst discussing the presents exchange process for our young courtship, we had the following conversation:
me: so when should we try to celebrate Christmas?
him: On the way to Seattle?On the way back?
me: dunno, asking you sir (translation: I don't wanna make decisions-stomps foot)
him: How about at a rest stop picnic table on the way there? For some reason I like the sound of that.
me: get the fuck outta my head. seriously
him Really? You were thinking that?
me: yes, i was thinking that. with some picnic... totally. thinking. that... out in nature, totally intimate freaky
him I like it.
me: me too
him: Done and done.

I use to think I couldn't have that kind of mental freaky connection again. Hope it stays that way for awhile and it's not a fluke

Saturday, December 18, 2010

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