Monday, January 9, 2012

Moving on? Maybe for a quick tick

Crazy things happen in the world of Mel. You meet a boy who puts up with your brand of crazy, you fall in love, and you get engaged. Next thing you know, you’re planning a 5 month escape of America for the historical pastures of Europe, on bike. You pack up your shit, put in a notice at your job and now count down the days. You should join this world, it’s a happy one.

This blog was only ever the narcissistic ramblings of my own mental diarrhea, with the narcissistic belief that people would care, and enjoy. Alas, it was fun, but I will be vacating it for awhile to focus on my art one, and to hopefully be more militant about the one we’re doing for our bike tour. Fuck, it’s not like I really wrote much in this thing anyway.

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