Monday, February 28, 2011

Things to do

in no particular order

-Flea Market at Candlestick(done)/Alameda
-Beach Chalet brunch
-Pac Heights ghost tour
-Legion of Honor
-Mt Diablo hike
-Matos Cheese
-Horseback riding (Point Reyes)
-Europe: Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Munich, Finland
-Colma graveyards
-Santa Cruz
-Palo Alto/Stanford
-Nevada City weekend trip
-Redwood National Forest
-New York
-New Zealand
-Sand Mountain
-Huntington Library
-Virginia City(done)
-Mt Rose hike
-Hut on the water in Bora Bora
-Dunton Hot Springs
-Fort Ross
- Jejune institute
- Shanghai SF walking tour
- Castle Crags
- Yosemite
- Bike ride/camping trip up coast

Pretty extensive list...Europe is happening in the fall. I may or may not come back; depends on how much the Republicans continue to fuck up this country in the next couple of months...just sayin
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