Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fecal Face 10 year anniversary

I'm not quite sure when I became acquainted with Fecal Face but I do know it was before I moved to Seattle. How I came to know it? I'm not sure of that either; possibly through HiFructose mag or Juxtapoz. I just remember reading the website on a regular basis and thinking to myself "by golly, they throw some good shows".

Last Friday marked their party, the shit-show of who's who and lookers alike, that entailed their 10 year anniversary at the Luggage Store. I would be damned if I missed this and thus conned my friend into going with me, even though we both get angsty in big sweaty crowds. And speaking of sweaty, I had it running in ample amounts down my back and forehead, tre zexy. I think my tweet (yes, I'm a nerd) said it all: @fecalface 10 anniversary party is to crowded. As 500lbs women wrestling in 6ft room is to humid. All butt crack perspiration aside, it was an amazing turn out with amazing art, great people watching and the wine was flowing.

(And this was only 45mins in)

To the lovely husband and wife duo of Fecal Face: Thank you. You have introduced me to some amazing artists and I have learned much. Keep up the fantastic work


(this was an epic large piece by MARS-1)
(this is probably as close as I'll ever get to owning a Sylvia Ji piece)

(I believe this is Andrew and Ert's reaction to that MARS-1 piece)

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