Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sublime...somewhere in that confused time called 1995

Waxing the old school…I remember when I saw Sublime, at that old punk venue in San Bernardino off of G Street; I think it was an old animal auction house. I’ve heard people say they were horrible live because they were always so fucked up they couldn’t finish songs cohesively. Being that I was probably around 17 at the time when I saw them, I can’t fully relate on their shittiness. I thought they were rad; like, totally tubular, but then again, I might have been drunk on Boone’s Farm and feeding off the energy of the surrounding wasted retards. And although what I remember most of that show, was watching my ex-friend bleed out from her nose injury from a rouge crowd surfing foot -- I’d have to say, I had a pretty fabu teenage time and got to see the So Cal anthem band, as a whole unit.

I think I'll go blow the dust off my old 40oz to Freedom

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