Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Random Spewing...

My fucking knee still hurts and it doesn’t help that I’m still swimming on it. Fucking mountain; just further solidifies that I am NOT going up there again this weekend. Instead, thanks to some possible impending sun, I WILL be on the beach, in a bikini, freaking the squares with my white chicken legs and tattoos.

Holiday weekend, plans fell through to fly home for a So Cal beach visitation; no worries, relaxing at home will be fine; it’s too fucking hot down there right now anyway. Not to mention I’ll possibly be flying home next month for my Grand da’s wake.

(love and a chopped 49' Merc)

I am however looking forward to the following this week:
Guy’s Night in Cap Hill (Minus the mounds, I am a guy to them; as I am not a high maintenance drama filled philly, I cuss and drink like a fish)
Circus Contraption in Fremont on 5/23 and dressing up in one of my finer corsets, high heels and pencil skirt, complete with mini velvet top hat.
Maybe a little Noc Noc on Sunday for .25cent Highlife’s and freaks
But mostly sun and beers with friends…

(ok boys...bring on the Linda's, I can take it)

So another random note:
I know I’m a member, but I’m a bit burnt out on KEXP, not that they're not great and wonderful for doing what they do and lord knows I'm grateful NOT to be listening to public radio top 40 bullshit...I'm just listening more to my radio stations…

(Tommy Guerrero just reminds me of laid back, beach, surf, skate and home)

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