Thursday, May 29, 2008

Arcade Fire-a love story

Arcade fire was my theme music, when I hit that moment in my life where I decided to throw caution to the wind, pack up my house and get the fuck out of Riverside.

I get a lot of people who ask ‘why Seattle?’…My answer ‘why not? Have you seen this place?!’ Growing up my grandparents had a vacation house on the Hood Canal, around the Sea beck area, and we would vacation in Washington during the summers and escape the brown Hell’s inferno of So Cal. I always loved it here and there were a few times we almost moved up here. So needless to say, I always wanted to be here. New Years 06, I had made the resolution that I would move out of state, my choices were London or Seattle (both similar climates). As I started the immigration process, I realized it was going to be too costly and I would have to sell my house, my possessions and quarantine my cats for 6months. In March of 06, my friend Bernie and I decided to take a weekend trip to Seattle for some snowboarding. I can tell you that I felt like I was home. Before the weekend was even done I had made the decision that Seattle was where I was going and post haste.
(Alpental ebow drop) (en route to Baker) (I worked that SUV)

That decision came while I was sitting in Pioneer Saloon, Arcade Fire’s Funeral was playing, I was sitting with my future boyfriend and my future roommate Bernie (she decided to move with me) and it just clicked; and this album became my strength and soundtrack for what would be a HUGE fucking change in my life.

All I can say is, when I get an idea in my head to do something, I go full bore (case in point: Wanted to do make-up, picked a school in Burbank for night classes. Worked full time at my Marketing job in south Corona and commuted to Burbank after work-EVERY-MUTHA-FUCKING-DAY for a month. 2hours there, 1 hour home, in the summer with no AC, over 5800miles on my Mustang; but I did it and now I’m a pro artist as a hobby). So I was saying, wild hair+full bore=me moving 3 months later to Seattle; and ‘Wake Up’ was playing as I pulled the moving van out of my driveway

You should’ve seen me when I finally saw them in September 07 at the Bank of America theater; I was dancing up a storm and lost my voice singing along…they put on one amazing high energy show and the visuals kinda put you on sensory overload. Their music is so full and powerful; building up and mellowing out before coming on strong again and knocking you on your ass.

Two years later and every time I hear the Funeral, I get all sentimental and sometimes a bit misty eyed.

Even though I have moments of missing So Cal...I don’t regret the move


Anonymous said...

Appropriate soundtrack for a Seattle move!

There's something punk, but more inclined toward retro-new wave (oxymoron, sure, but life's all about paradox) about Seattle that bands like Arcade Fire, Interpol, She Wants Revenge, etc, seem to capture.

Red Headed Devil said...

I can agree with you on the Interpol one. Also for some reason Vampire Weekend makes me giddy when I drive around up well as my old stand by: Minus the Bear

Anonymous said...

Great post! Funny enough, Funeral was a defining for me, as well: divorce.

That album moves mountains.


Anonymous said...

I'd never heard of that band (however, I have a portrait of Christopher Walken above my desk in my office and it intimidates the shit out of anyone who comes to visit; if that doesn't validate how awesome I am, then fuck me running once, shame on me, but fuck me running twice, shame on you), but being a wiki-genius and looking them up I have to say that the motivation behind Minus the Bear's name makes me laugh (B.J. and the Bear, minus the bear, righteo).

Red Headed Devil said...

ahhhh Walken...totally and intimidation factor there. I just think of him and Dennis Hopper in 'True Romance'
Dennis: so Italians are spawned by N****rs'
Walken: LOL BLAM!!!! (SHOTS HIM)

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