Saturday, May 10, 2008

Adventures in Ma, part II

so as I stated, 3am as I write this. It's late/early and I may or may not be a little intoxicated. Me Ma is currently passed out in my bed after I introduced her to a few of my favorite bartenders...

and the Viking

she got lit, it was funny. She made so many friends, bought me drinks and tried to distract me with her 'mature' clevage while we played shuffle board(ok that last part, so NOT funny. Nobody wants to see that shit mom, pull you straps back up and stop telling peeps you're wearing my bra; k?) I'm not quite sure how many drinks were consumed, considering we started at 3pm at Nickerson Saloon-in the sun on the patio...dinner with wine and more drinks, then to Twist to visit a friend, who kept feeding us drinks. To the Viking; where the following happened: her being drunk. Her making many 'new' friends. Me flipping her off from across the bar, as I had now become lit. Her mouthing off. Me putting her in a head lock and restraining her free arms. Her biting...BITING my fucking tits in order to break free. Thankfully the bar wasn't too full, as I'm positive we looked like complete assholes.

(and trust me when I say, I'm leaving some of the finer details out)

Later, we roamed Ballard Market, and I got to be her balance support so she wouldn't fall flat on her face in the store. Even more later...she ran into a car walking back to my pad and knocked the mirror outta whack. I put her ass promtly to bed...and I sit here and write.

What does this entry have to do with music? Well, we were rolling around tonight listening to Bloc Party, good shit. I have heard them before on KEXP, but I didn't give them much thought until my radio station on kept playing them for me. I keep discovering great bands and I feel like I've got Seattle, KEXP and new friends to thank for that. Without music, I'd have no soundtrack to my life...and that would be rather dull.


sd said...

dang! you write well at 3am.

Red Headed Devil said...

trust me, I had to edit when I sobered up...lots of errors :|

Anonymous said...

i am loving the new LCD sound system, and i have YOU to thank for that! well, that and the outrageously brutal gas that is now resulting from the scrumptious din-din you prepared for me this evening. ;)


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