Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dance for me baby

I found the best strip song ever…(LL Cool J’s ‘Going back to Cali’)
(I was laughing from this random IM outburst, but he usually makes me laugh out loud at my desk and OMFG did I just tinkle?!)

So today I was having a discussion with this gentleman about songs at which to strip to or in my suggestion…sex or just dance for your man to. We went back and forth a little bit with suggestions, some good, some bad, some he said didn’t count because anything by Portishead, Massive Attack, Hooverphonic and Sneaker Pimps, could be danced to. Which, I agree; they are some of my all time favs for this very activity...But none the less, I am still putting them on my personal list of sexy songs. I had actually thought about what my mix would be previously due to hearing about a Loveage CD(previous post); that sadly, is no longer in print… So without further a due…

“Mel’s sexy mix that you can get buck ass naked for your man to”

(Impress your man or lady, with this move![*tattoos not included. Please proceed with caution as this may cause injury to yourself or others. Not to mention she's probably more flexy than you and those heels are KILLER, aren't they?! Thank you])
1. Lullaby – The Cure (there’s actually a great remix out there)
2. Since I’ve been Lovin You – Led Zeppelin
3. 2 Wicky - Hooverphonic (yep, I put it down anyway-suck it buddy*points at ass*)
4. URA Fever – The Kills
5. In Your Car – Tricky
6. Glory Box – Portishead (yep, again, suck it. And while you're at it, get the new album-fabulous)
7. She’s So Heavy – The Beatles
8. Sex, Love and Money – Mos Def (this is a good one)
9. #1 Crush – Garbage
10. I Put a Spell on You – Marilyn Manson (his version is hard core rockin for maximum hair flinging and lap dance grinding)
11. Who Needs the Sunshine – The Heavy
12. Angel - Massive Attack
13. Piggy – NIN (cause you can’t have naughty clothes removal without this classic)

Honorable mentions:
1. Brain – N.E.R.D
2. I Can’t Stand It – The Cramps (good for a classic Burlesque shimmy)
3. Ungodly Fruit – Wax Taylor
4. Que Pasa Contigo – Gorillaz (if you’re feeling a little pico de gallo)

I’m sure there are tons of songs I’m forgetting and frankly I have some weird taste when it comes to songs I could take my knickers off too. So because of that I’ve left out tons for fear of rambling and sideways looks; for example: Reverend Horton Heat has a handful of good songs for sexy; lord knows I’ve seen one of my favorite rockabilly strippers dance to “Eat Meat”. I’ve left out Radiohead, which I know has so many good songs, but to me, they’re more of a background ‘mood music’ when you’re about to get busy and all up in your mate’s grill.

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Anonymous said...

War Pigs by Black Sabbath (avoid the Faith No More remake for this).

Sound like some kind of dumb/skankball trailer park suggestion? Picturing lax dental hygiene, a camaro, and a mullet? Probably.

Here's my justification, though.

Rhythmically, the song starts slow, staccato break, medium pace (keep that shampoo bottle away), staccato, slow again.

Maybe you can't dance to it exactly, but it contains other utilitarian value.

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