Friday, May 16, 2008

The Kills, Neumos 5/15/08

My palm is red, numb and my ass has blood marks...

wait...back up...

it's Wednesday, I run to Neumos...trying to buy tickets for my friend Lizzy and I for the Kills go, sold out. What the holy flying fuck?!! It's the mutha fukkin Kills-for truly?! ugh. I know I was seriously wrong-WRONG-about Devotchka selling out Showbox Sodo, but come on now, the Kills selling out Neumos?!!! fuck, I'm lame.

I figure, fuck it, I'll just go to the Hill and chill with friends and some drinks before the show I was so blatantly denied... then an opportunity presents itself..."Mel, I'm tired, I don't want to go, take my ticket" ..."for reals?!"

with much reluctance, I took that bitch...

I go for some pre party drinks and end up a bit tipsy and flicking shit to the new cute aquaintance. Totally frustrating to a Scorpio like myself...Anywho... I'm at Neumo's for the last part of Das Llamas...I think, 'they might be good' but I can't honestly tell with one or two songs...

(sooner or later...cell phone strike..will kill me)

The Kills however...they are good. Only two peeps on stage, but with back up tracks, they are rocking. I am swaying, moving and doing a sexy shimmy shuffle to the beats...Totally loved their vibe and sound. AND Neumo's only managed to fuck it up a little bit with the sound and feedback situation. For the most part, I was totally stoked by the fact I got to see them and that they rocked it so hard. Thank the gods that be and the fate that actually got me in last minute, cause they were a little bit of sexy sexy time.

OK..forward to the red palm and blood marked ass... While I'm at the show, my friend texts me "Hurry, Creepy guy next to me!" Nuff said, I was off in a flash to protect my wee bonny friend.

I show up promptly at the Viking, and get served a drink...ok, thanks Rob! Things and drinks progress and next thing I know, my friend is commenting on my skills at the ass spankings. Bad news guys...I will show you a world of hurt. One remark "holy shit, you hit like a dude!" yep, step off! Needless to say, it became a competition and our asses were the anti... I left a few blood marks on my buddy's ass, and my literally on FIRE

nuff said...I'm beat...I got to FINALLY meet Mr Drexler, after MUCH shit talking, and my ass hurts.

Later, I need sleep

(OH NO'S LIZZY!) (gotta love the Cha Cha)

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