Saturday, May 17, 2008

Alpental 5/17

So this past weekend in Seattle found us with a rarity…Sunshine and warm weather. You’d think I’d be at the beach, trying, to get some sort of color on these translucent legs. Nope. Instead I went to…wait for it…Alpental.

There’s something unnatural about heading out the door in shorts, flops and a tee, while holding your gear en route to the mountain for some slushy snow. It was too damn warm up there, I believe close to 80 and I ended up riding in a t-shirt; I wish it was a tank or a bikini top(which would never work with these love muffins). In all honesty, it reminded me of the early spring in So Cal, except there are actually tanned pretty people down there riding half naked.

This trip however, for the first time, I took chair 2 and rode in the back country; which I wouldn’t have done a year ago. The group I was riding with were well seasoned riders and insisted on popping my cherry with some hiking, jumping and the first gouge in my board from a tree. I didn’t do the jumping, but I did take the pictures (to come later). Still, it was slushy, sunny, and beautiful, the beers were flowing in lot 4 and even with liberal amounts of sun block, I still got burned by the sun and some scrapes from falling in the snow in a tee.

I am seriously done-DONE until next season-AND I DON’T CARE IF YOU DO OPEN AGAIN THIS WEEKEND! So fuck you Alpental, with your half naked fat, hairy and white skiers, underage girls in bikinis, women over 40 in bikinis, nasty bouncy saggers in tank tops, silly outfits, hiking and me twisting my knee. You won't see me again for awhile! (or at least until winter)

(not as big a fall as another I've seen...)

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