Saturday, May 10, 2008

Minus the Bear 5/8/08 and me ma part I

welp, I did it. I finally got to see MTB, and boooooy am I fucking stoked. Wait, back up...

After a long day of boarding and driving...Thursday night of the show found me checking my mother's flight, as she was flying in on the same night that my uber band crush was playing. Her flight was running late, nevermind that it's a 2 hour flight from Ontario, Ca to Seattle and the flight left 10min early, yet the fucking hunk of tin still managed to be 45-fucking-ass-raping-minutes-late...

After driving break neck speeds, scoring a rock star parking spot a block away and making me ma run to the venue; I managed to arrive a few minutes before they took the stage. It's ok, breathe Mel, you're alright. The Showbox was packed and I was informed that it was sold out; too bad it was mostly to under agers, which IS ok, cause I'm a big kid and I can hang out with the other big kids in the bar with, you guessed it, booze!

They had a lot of energy, engaged the crowd and the lead guitarist managed to shower the audience next to the stage with a spray of his sweaty hair. Good Lord could that boy sweat. He was seriously soaked within the 3rd song like a 300+ pound man jazzersizing to Richard Simmons...but he did this sexy jerk off motion with the neck of his guitar, that sent me into some teenage tizzy; not really, I'm just filthy brained.

My mom, being the trooper she was(mostly because I forced her-ok, because I TOTALLY forced her) seemed to enjoy the show.
Me Ma: honey, I can tell they're talented, but I can't hear what the singer is saying
Me: Oh yeah, totally magical mom. They rock
MM: No, no, I didn't saying they were a crock; just that I can't hear the singer
Me: yeah, the sound guy should be shot because I can hear the singer either
MM: Booze?
Me: yes
(20min later)
MM: I think I like this band
Me: fuck yeah, cause they're like, the golden idol we should worship
MM: finish your beer
Me: (chugs-gone)
(Ma shows up later with fresh tall boy)
MM: I smell something familiar...
Me: Oh that's just the testosterone from the boys sweating with no deodorant
MM: smells like weed
Me: oh THAT smell...yeah, it's Seattle Ma, deal
MM: why aren't you drinking more?! I'm hungry
Me: Dicks?

ok, so yes, the singer's vocals weren't loud enough and he was a bit drowned out by the rest of the band, but being I knew the songs, I sang along anyways. The band still sounded great, and worked the crowd into a heated jumping ball of spent youth; I was not disappointed. The youngsters enjoyed the new stuff and the crusties, like me, sang along to the old stuff. Right before the encore, a group of boys in their skivvies and monkey masks, bum rushed the stage with bongos in tow and did some sort of Lord of the Flies rendition along with the band.

(Half naked boys rush the stage and beat their drums)

(cell phone STRIKE!!! out...le sigh, I need a camera)

They may not have played my theme song: "Get me naked 2: Electric boogaloo" but they did play "Absinthe party at the fly honey warehouse" which is probably one of my favs. So in all, I had a blast, I'm happy, and I will make a point to see them again.

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