Friday, May 16, 2008

Neumos' Fate

Was discussing the Kills show with my friend this morning when he produced this complaint from the “Concert News and Tickets” site:

“We went to see the Kills at Neumos tonight. They took our tickets at the door, we went in, and there was a line to get into the room where the band was playing. We could only get in if someone else left. Neumos sells more tickets than the capacity of the room, so you can buy a ticket to get into Neumos, but you may not get to see the band if you get there after they fill-up, or you have to leave the room to go to the bathroom. The employees are sympathetic, it sucks, but they only work there, and didn’t create the business plan.If anyone knows if I have any reasonable consumer or legal avenue to get my money back, or help put an end to this scam, please let me know.”

“This is a new procedure at Neumo’s. They had their capacity cut this last week from about 800 to about 250 by the city. It is an attempt by the mayor’s office to put them out of business so the land can be developed. It is actually a very sad situation, as Neumo’s is one of the best music venues in the city. If you really want to help, write letters to the city council and the mayor’s office.”

I must admit that when I ran to the little girl’s room, I was not permitted back in until someone left; which seems like complete and utter bullshit when people have already paid for their tickets. I was annoyed as I waited to regain admittance. A buddy informed me earlier in the week that Neumos had been fined and their capacity level was chopped, thus causing the show to sell out. At first I was happy, having been to several Neumos shows in the past and feeling like I was a tightly packed sardine in a sweaty room with others; not so much with the happy after last night. Granted the freedom to move around and enjoy the band was great, but the over selling and admittance problem was like a flustered virginal groom on his wedding night: FUCKED.

I never paid much attention to the mayor of my city back home, being as the only complaint I had was the snail pace of erecting a sound wall behind my house. I move to Seattle and all the sudden I’m presented with this douche Mayor Nickels. The first thing I am introduced to is a 4 foot rule and no alcohol in strip clubs=how the hell are the ladies gonna earn their much needed coin for their kids, drug habits, boob jobs and deadbeat boyfriends?! Won’t someone think of the strippers?! Then I hear he’s trying to transform the city into the next New York. Allowing building to be resurrected with store fronts; yes, very pretty, but one of the things I love about this city is it’s history and he seems to be on a mission to wipe it out. A sound ordinance? If you don’t like the noise from a bar or club, don’t live there. If he’s truly trying to put Neumos out of business, he should go visit a certain horse in Enumclaw for some special bonding: basically, get fucked and bucked.

As much as I not the biggest fan of Neumos, they still bring in quality acts and shouldn’t be closed down. I am extremely curious how this new in-out process is going to work during the Cap Hill Block Party. I have a feeling lots of people are going to miss bands they’re really aching to see.

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