Wednesday, May 7, 2008

DJ Shadow/Cut Chemist 02/08

I’m sitting here thinking about shows I’ve attended since living in Seattle, and I realize I’ve missed a lot, but a few come to mind, this show being one of them.

(MUAHAHAHAH cell phone strikes again!)

If anyone ever gets a chance to see these two perform this show live, I highly recommend it. Oh sure, it’s a ‘DJ’ show, where mysterious smoke clouds arise ever so often with that oh too familiar scent; and the occasional retard will bust out his glow stick; but the realization of just how talented these fuckers are, will fully have you cheering and grooving along with the rest of the stoners.

Had I not been shown the wonderfully campy ‘educational’ video on 45’s and the methods on which they would be performing on this night, I quite possibly wouldn’t have been impressed by spinning records. However, once I realized the complexity of what they were going to be doing, which was performing COMPLETELY live with no pre-recordings or computers; I must admit, I was impressed. I mean-the only thing I’d succeed in doing if I tried, is wreck a few LP’s and make it sound like cats getting run over. No thanks.

I was grooving at this show, but by no means swaying, dancing, be-boppin or doing that whole raver flail about and pound my head to the bass beat. HOWEVER, I also wasn’t on any substance, like I’m sure more than 70% of the crowd was. Nevertheless, the crowd and myself included was captivated by the talent, monitors and cameras mounted all around them; proving they were doing it all on the fly.

They did a two hour set, I lasted ONE whole hour…one. As much as I WAS enjoying the show and I do actually like this music…after awhile, it becomes repetitive and how much can two dudes rockin out mixing and doing a ‘from-afar-jerk-off-motion’ on stage really keep you attentive? A lot? Oh, well ok, my bad…I’m a square. Plus it was a Sunday night, with work the next day, which firmly makes my square bold.

Needles to say, if you are a fan of DJ's and going to see these types of gigs...check it out. They're still on tour and are rolling through Seattle again July 26th at the Showbox.

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