Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fourth of July shout out

To me, the 4th was never really about the independence of this baby country, of which I still flirt with the ex-pat aspect, but more so, it’s about friends and family. My mom and the sister-that-I-never-had-but-adopted-through-the-neighborhood half Chinese-American girl across the street’s bday. Yes, I am blessed with the fact that me-being utterly horrid with remembering not only important dates, like marriage anniversaries, birthdays and the all important person's name-has the very fortunate reminder of our nation’s birth into independence as a reminder to the annual telephone salutation of celebrations for growing older.

So to Mei Li and my mother-Happy Birthday.

What else do I do on this holiday? Well, I drink. Mimosa’s in fact. While I am pleasantly stuffed with a well prepared vegetarian brunch for the housemates (by yours truly, thank you very much) and, um, *counts fingers* 1, 2, 3…4 bottles worth of champagne drank before 4pm…I am not only making those said bday calls, I am also reflecting on another family relationship…that of my brother’s and mine.

We may have had a tumultuous relationship growing up, that of a 6year age difference, with the fact that I once may have destroyed his first addition Millennium Falcon toy…or constantly intruded on the privacy of the inner sanctum of his bedroom…or the fact that I may have destroyed one or two of his first addition G.I. Joe action figures with the kung fu grip…How am I still alive you may ask, not suffocated by the mere two hands of my bro? Well, A. a 6’4” anger induced father and B. the brother taking his frustrations out in the form of violent “play” against said younger sister. Trust me, my brother got his revenge one way or another.

But past aside, I have grown to respect my brother’s intelligence, not only being the brain of the family but also the rock of my family togetherness with him later in life, as a great source of opinion and guidance. He recently graduated college, of which I am in awe and greatly proud…and thusly, I have entrusted him with documenting my artwork for “hopeful”(because I don’t think it’s worth selling) future sales and a chance to possibly build a creative name for myself. I know he will give the most straightforward opinion null of fluff, not only of my pieces but also of my future. Frankly, he is the only one allowed to get away with telling me “her face is not proportionate” or “her ear is too low”.

Thank you brother,

For your strides in life are great and your intelligence grows deep

You have provided me the best family love to keep

(me and said brothar)

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