Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mt Baker and the Heavens that be...

(will fix photos later)

Let me start by saying my love affair with snowboarding started at age 22 in 00’ in Southern California…when I was forced down a blue run my first time down EVER and I cried as my board was compelled to send me slowly towards a cliff. Scratch that, my love affair started a bit after that, through all the insane bruises, falls, shitty blocks of ice, rocks, mud and one fucking royal bitch of a take out by some doucebag of a kid hauling ass into me; for some reason I’m a masochist and kept going in hopes of the ultimate glory of linking turns, catching air and feeling the ‘float’ on some powder.

Let me continue by saying, my love affair was rekindled with NW snow, in 06-March, when I took a boarding trip up to Baker. Flew into typical Seattle weather-wet and cold-and woke up at the wee crack of dawn to drive our happy asses some 2.5-3 hours northeast. We were greeted with blue bird conditions and approximately 20” of fresh powder; powder of which I instantly sank and exerted most of my energy getting out of. The landscape of this mountain was awe inspiring and needless to say I was refreshed with a new love and new hope that I will be soaring down the slopes at wild banshee speeds.

Fast forward two years later…there’s freakish weather hitting Seattle in spring-APRIL to be exact- a mere 60 some days away from summer. I thought I was done with the season, until I checked out
And discovered an impending cold front. I immediately start hitting up friends for a last minute trip to the local mountains, only one comes through.
Me: Snoqualmie on Saturday?
Friend: sweet
Me: hmmmm how bout driving up to Baker Sat morning instead? 6? You can sleep, I’ll drive
Friend: how bout 7am?
Me: how bout B-Ham Friday night, wake up and go
Friend: why not a little further to Whistler?
Me: um….
(I consult the gods that be-my wallet)
Fuck it, lets do this shit!

Needless to say, we never make it to Whistler because they only had 2” of fresh and Baker had 10”. Baker won the match, and we arrived shortly after opening to pow turns, me making love to the snow at warp speeds, somewhat small crowds and hikers making the long trek up the ridge into the back country for the big payoff of a huge drop into heaven.

The soundtrack of my sexy Baker romp:
Minus the Bear
Led Zeppelin
LCD Soundsystem
Built to Spill
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