Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Heavy

(holy fuck, sun on my head....why yes, that is a pirate ship on my mirror, the Black Pearl to be exact)

So, it is an absolutely beautiful day in ol Seattle, the kinda of day that I rub in my friends faces back home..."ha ha fuckers, enjoy your 90 degree smog filled poop brown hell!" ahem...

From my apartment is one fucking stellar view of the cascades and this morning they were calling me "Mel, you should really come ride us, cause you're not going to get to again till December" I declined. Somehow riding in sunny 50+ degree warmth and the slush with all the crowds didn't make me hop in my car in route to Alpental. Mostly it was the thought of the crowds and the possibility that I'd want to drop kick some twat for, well, being a twat.

Instead I ended up in a pub watching the Man Utd vs Chelsea game, at 8:30am, with groups of drunken futbol fans signing their taunts and limericks (really-I passed on snow?). It was a good game, Man Utd lost 2-1.

Much to my enjoyment however, was driving around with the windows down, sunglasses on and The Heavy booming from my poor stock radio. I don't yet know much about this band, other than the fact that they’re fucking fit. Good grooving and fun lyrics with an influence of 60's rock soul. You can definitely dance to them and use the blues-ier tracks 1 and 10 to do a sexy little dance for your man...or woman, whatever floats your boat

So as I'm rocking out, I notice this:

I believe it's a 60's Barracuda, yet...really? You welded up the back window? Seems highly dangerous with a hefty blind spot. However the double frenched taillights were a nice touch. The shit people do to their muscle slays me. I half expected confederate flag upholstery.

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