Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Damon Soule mind fuck on canvas

(I will own a decent camera one day)

Damon Soule is a magnificent artist. I can't remember when my being came into meeting up with his mind numbing paintings but suffice to say, I've been in awe ever since. I highly recommend checking out one of his shows, which I almost did at Fecal Face Gallery in SF. I say almost, as that gallery albeit pulling great artists, is the size of my dream closet. So instead of hitting up opening night where I'd probably be elbow to elbow in a mad rush for a Tecate to cut the edge of angst I'd feel towards others in tight quarters with faaaar too many people, I opted to go the next day and 'run an errand' for work. Best decision ever, as I was able to stand mere inches with unobstructed views and just soak in every fine detail, color and stroke of each piece.

here is Fecal Face's post of their MUCH better shots of the pieces in their gallery and opening night

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Doctor Dolor said...

You love the stroke of each piece.

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