Monday, February 15, 2010

Single Awareness Day

Yes...that special day when lovers want forced affection and gifts as a token of proof for your love for them. It was never really my forte...personally, I feel people shouldn't need a specific day to treat someone special, it should be a daily ritual; if even a simple spoken gesture like "I love you", "Thinking about you" or "I miss you". Corny, indeed, but in my personal preference, it's the thought that truly counts. Even if that thought is simply a verbal one.

So that mental vomit out of the way...I spent my February 14th with some good friends in Seattle for a potluck. For the sheer sake of not wanting to be around the hopeless saps and the unfortunately forced. Dinner menu was as following:
5bottles of wine
some fantastic cheeses and bakery bread
spinach dip
green beans, baby broccoli and brussel sprouts

(a little more classy than 2girls1cup)

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