Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's Christmas season! And one other tidbit of crap

Tis the season for me to think I've the capabilities to make my buds incredible handmade wears. I won't talk about them on here, in the off-hell hath frozen over-chance they will look. I will be doing the hermit style lock-myself-up-in-my-room-with-several-bottles-of-wine routine in order to stop ignoring my creative side and just make some fucking shit already, and well, make some shit not only for my friends but for my Etsy store.

Also, I've gotten a wild over zealous hair up my ass that I can handle this leather tooling pattern I've drawn up

The picture sucks, indeed.

At any rate, I'm building a new Frenchie bike to replace my stolen one. And with this new project bike I've decided to go megtron custom(for me at least) and I will be tooling a leather top bar pad and handlebar grips; going along with the custom jade on cream paint job I've done.

Yep. Ambitious

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