Friday, October 1, 2010

Black Keys-Fox Theater 9/30/10

photo by Tom Tomkinson Photography

ahhh fuck @#$%^AHSJ BLARG^$#BLOOP%&*!#FU <---yep, that pretty much sums up my brain after I saw Black Keys at the Fox Theater; mush. Finally after all the times of missed connections in seeing this band, I had my face metaphorically rocked off.

I had another alternate opening line to the one above but felt it too vulgar, but apparently not too vulgar to write it anyway: “If Patrick’s intense drumming faces reflect his passion for music; can you imagine the faces while he’s just in the moment of passion?” curiosity is peaked. And when it came down to it, the thought of someone in the throws of passions might be a bit of a turn off, depending on your kinks, of course.

On to the band portion of our episode…Although I’m 137% positive there are far greater fans than me who know every word to every song, the street addresses of Dan and Patrick's childhood homes or at what point they had their first kiss, I am still a fan on some level. And when they struck their first note, a line from Almost Famous popped into my head “have you ever loved a band so much, it hurt?”. I reckon there were a lot of those said fans at this show. For me however, my body just buzzed from the first cord struck until I tried to sleep later that night. You want success for a band you love but on the flip side, you want them to remain a small little secret kept from the world. But nevertheless, you’re happy for them when they do hit it big.

I may have known of the Keys subconsciously beforehand but my true acquaintance with them began with a lovingly crafted mix CD. Nestled amongst the songs of intended affection, was the Keys’, “You’re the One”. It was a great introduction and we were well met. So for that, thank you Sam.

I am digging the new album Brothers but must admit, my fondness hearkens to the older more raw edged sounding albums with just the duo. I suppose it’s because of growing up listening to my father playing with his buddies. It was basic rock and blues with no frills, just the love of jamming and how that jamming makes you feel good. Not to mention growing up in the olden times where we had to read by candle light, as power was not invented yet(shit, was Edison even born?), it would stand to reason that I was raised on older rock and or roll, ya dig.

You could definitely tell the Keys picked up a bigger following with this release. I thought they mixed this show up well between the old and new songs. Starting with just the duo, then additional musicians for the more produced new album, back down to the duo again and so forth. There would be a lull with the crowd, except from older fans, until the new songs were played and then everyone just erupted. I heard a lot of: I don’t like the old stuff-blah blah blah; it sounds shitty-blah blah blah. The new stuff is just better produced and more poppy-blah blah blah. You could definitely tell where my alliance laid, by evidence of my exuberant shimmying to the older unrefined stuff that the crowd was bitching about. If my ears were a vagina, I would have been drenched 20 times over in wetness, from more than just spilt booze, from the love making they did to my ears.

Don’t ask me the set list, I don’t remember and I did not take notes. I only took one shitty cell phone shot of the band, as I was too engrossed to be bothered

(token shitty cell shot)

The black keys make some sexy music, like, seriously fucking sexy.

You're the one

"When I was 13
My mom said
"Son, you're the
one I adore"

Now I'm old and wise
When I see your eyes
You're the one I adore

Ohhh, ohhh, ohhh, ohhh

Will you be true?
Till life is up
Be the one I adore
You're the one I adore

Ohhh, ohhh"

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