Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Gossip 9/24/07 Bank of America Arena, WA

(picture courtesy of: Vern on Flickr
So I’m on the chillin in the GA section of the hall, waiting for the show to start, when this mousey voiced healthy bundle of energy abound makes her way to the stage. Pardon me doll because I’m sure you’re a peach, but alas this mass of woman moved with spunk about the stage; honestly makes me reminisce of that bonny lass Ricky Lake circa Hairspray(the original Waters, not the travesty of a remake, even if Walken is in it).

I had no idea the Gossip was playing the show with LCD and Arcade Fire; Surprise #1. Having not seen them before, I didn’t realize who they were until Beth starts wailing. Surprise #2; she’s not black, which was a previous assumption with a voice like that. No matter how much she moved, her voice was strong like bull, and her vibrato silky. What’s the recipe for Beth Ditto?

2 tablespoon of shimmying this way and that
A dash of some leg kicks,
20 or so sweaty hair tosses
1 short skirt
1 falling top to reveal a heaving massive bosom
1 cup full of a voice that makes the sound monitors spike through the roof
(add hot pink leggings for added flair)

She was the show, during their set. The seemly full acceptance of her robust figure makes me wanna baste myself in butta, roll around in cinnamon, sugar and wrap up in soft crepe dough, then deep fry myself until I’m a delicate crispy treat of lard heaven, possibly topped in a sugar goop of raspberry and whip cream.

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M said...

30 is awesome hunny, don't sweat it, it just keeps getting better
i would elaborate on how exactly, but I'm too old to remember...
there was a divorce that figured prominently in my happy 30-hood.
and Beth Ditto: good goddess bless us all, let's go eat cupcakes!

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